Free Myagi Remix of Starbass – Pretty Time Bomb!

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Free huge Myagi remix for a limited time – rolling wonky funky breaks biz!  Check it at the Starbass facebook page!

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The Root Sellers drop the Bass DOWN UNDER! Grab a re-muscled and re-mastered version of this Root Sellers bass heavy hit Baby Comes Home made specially for our Australian Debut : FREE!

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Hey homies! Lumo (of the Root Sellers) is gearing up for the first ever Root Sellers performance DOWN UNDER at the Regrowth festival 2012 in New South Whales, Australia Sept 28th to Oct 1st.

Check the fest here, tickets still available

This here is a special stripped down version of our popular funk banger Baby Comes Home, made specially for Lumo’s Regrowth set. Re-edited and re-mastered but still with the cutest photos of our little ones on the cover ;) Grip it up Friends!

cover art by Omie one

Myagi feature on

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Hey folks!  I was lucky enough to have the massively influential blog do up this piece on me when I was last in San Francisco – turned out great!  Check out some bits of the Myagi stage setup in this vid!

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Remix Myagi’s whole Ape and Essence album as a Pay-What-You-Want donation to War Child!

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Remix parts for the Myagi album Ape and Essence.

These parts are available as a pay-what-you-like product.  

I’ve wrestled a lot with how to make these parts available to people.  These are the same packs given to the official remixers for the album and represent a large body of work on the Myagi end and as a result are hard to put a price tag on.  Because of this, I figured it would be a great opportunity to take a pay-what-you-like approach to distribution, with all proceeds going to a charity I’ve admired for years because of their cause, dedication and integration of the arts (in particular music) into what they do.

As a result, payment is in the form of a donation to War Child Canada, who have given me the thumbs up on this offer.  Donation is NOT mandatory to download these parts, but this is a very worthwhile organization to give to.

War Child strives to empower children and young people to flourish within their communities and overcome the challenges of living with, and recovering from, conflict. To achieve this, War Child works collaboratively with those communities to increase access to education, overcome the obstacles of poverty and create a protective environment for the rights of children and youth.

Click HERE to be taken to the donation page – suggested donation is 25 dollars.


These samples are provided free for non commercial use, minus any guest vocals – you can use them in your own remixes, bootlegs etc., but don’t sell your results if they use any of these materials – make your own version of a track and feel free to give it out etc., but please don’t violate the spirit of this agreement. For any licensing enquiries, please contact myagi at

Download below after donation.

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Cooking with Myagi – Make your own Soy Free Tofu!

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Brand spankin new Cooking with Myagi =
How to make your own Soy-free (Chickpea flour) Tofu!

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Myagi – Making of Ape and Essence – Chopping a beat with FXpansions Geist!

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Official Theme Song of the 2012 Arctic Winter Games by the Root Sellers up for download!

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Download the official Arctic Winter Games 2012 theme by The Root Sellers at, you may have caught this last monday on the George Stroumboulopoulos show… now its a free download!

The Root Sellers free download: Play Your Part, Official Theme Song of the 2012 Arctic Winter Games


“Torch Singers: The Arctic Winter Games Kick Off With A Song Relay
March 5, 2012
The Arctic Winter Games began last night in Whitehorse, where the coming week will be devoted to celebrating the sports and cultures of northern communities from Russia, Alaska, Scandinavia, Greenland and all of Canada’s Arctic regions.

Organizers of the Games, which feature many traditional sports from northern native communities along with activities more familiar to general audiences, decided to emulate their Olympic counterparts this year by including for the first time a relay leading up to the opening of competitions. Unlike the flaming torch that wends its way to Olympic host cities, however, participating communities at the Arctic Winter Games have passed along something far more collaborative: a communal song.

The journey started with a basic theme written by a group of Yukon musicians known as the Root Sellers. From there, the track travelled to the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region of Russia, where members of the local community recorded themselves singing versions of the song and added various sounds and images intended to represent their people.

As the recording travelled west – through the Sapmi regions of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, on to Greenland and then across Canada’s Arctic – each region added their own sounds and images, culminating in a final combined song and video representing all communities participating in the games.

The final clip had its debut last night in front of 3,000 athletes, coaches, performers, organizers, supporters and fans at the Canada Games Centre in Whitehorse. You can also hear and download the audio track at the Root Sellers’ Soundcloud page and at

We wish all the competitors at this week’s Games good luck – Go North!” – CBC

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10 years of Myagi interview and Exclusive “Skank o Matic” download!

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Our good friends at have done up an interview with Myagi to celebrate his 10 year anniversary!

Pop on by and check it, and grab an exclusive remaster of Myagi’s hard to find 7″ classic off Howlin Records – Skank O Matic!

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Home sick? End 2011 with some fire and boobs.

Posted in Events, News, Releases on December 30th, 2011 by Freedom Danish

Feeling homesick? With 8 months, 4 days, 4 hours, 19 minutes and 31 seconds (21356371 seconds all together) until the official opening of Black Rock City once again, why not find an event that will help you end 2011 with some fire and boobs.

PAL artist Freedom Danish of The Root Sellers is organizing Cleo Femi (from the 2011 summer Root Sellers tour) a birthday party tonight, Dec 30, 2011 in Toronto that involves some of Canada’s hottest burlesque performers and fire artists, including fire eating strip tease burlesque acts providing some gorgeous eye candy while Opulent Temple’s JD Mack and BurnT’s Hollywood Death, Davey Boom, Used DJ play along side Doctore Danish until the sun comes up. Proceeds go towards funding something close to the Dr’s heart~ ArtHeart, an afterschool program in the GTA that teaches innercity kids aged 5-14 visual art, music and poetry.

The event is at the Zion Lounge (191 Parliament E at Queen), FB details here.

On NYE in Toronto, our friends at Cirqlar are bringing fellow PAL and Muti Music artist ill-Esha down from the Bay for a night of sinful circus antics~Trip the Light Fantastic 2012. Looks splendid.

In terms of new releases, The Root Sellers have a new tune out with Sham-fam collaborators Timothy Wisdom and The Funk Hunters: Walking on the Sun, and Freedom Danish & Dash’s contributions to ill.Gates’ The ill.Methodology album on Muti Music are still selling hot. Don’t sleep! Really looking forward to seeing what remixes come out of this album.

And finally, with Dubstep having an utterly cacaphonic year in the spotlight, beginning with Britney Spears’ Hold It Against Me (we did) and ending with Korn’s full on dubstep assault ‘The Path of Totality’ and rumours of The Biebs working on a full on dubstep album in the near future…it’s important to remember that bass music encompasses a lot more than dick-in-your-ear Brostep.

Looking for inspiration? Why not check out Freedom Danish’s new holiday mixtape, full of melodic glitch hop, drum and bass and yes, a little flare of dub (is it Ironic? Tell us what you think). F@K HO$. Direct download link.

Lots of love & Happy New Years from your friends at Pop and Lock Recordings.

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The Root Sellers’ Front Heavy Funk has arrived!

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The Root Sellers

The Root Sellers

Originally hailing from the Yukon and now recognized across Canada as cultural ambassadors The Root Sellers create a unique blend of beats and sampled sound taken from the diverse areas they travel in the world.

Last year they were shortlisted for a Breakspoll award on a collaboration with PAL big cheese Myagi for ‘Rock One’ and recently they’ve been featured at the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics and have just come off a 2 month tour showcasing their gypsy-glitch sound at coast to coast dates that included Shambhala Music Festival, Evolve Music Festival, and Burning Man.

This is the first of several forthcoming collaborations featuring Slowcoaster frontman Steven Macdougall and the release has been featured prominently in Root Sellers’ sets lately. You can buy it here.

Stickybuds goes drop tempo slammer with this future-hip-hop breaks nu-funk ghettofunk whatever of a track – all we know is its awesome and the boy is on fire.

Wonk goes for a bit more restrained vibe than her normal ish and it works perfectly – think jazzy retro-y house with a modern twist, this is a great mood setter or peak time groover.

Stickybuds’ dub remix has gotten a fair bit of support from bass heads, with positive feedback coming in from Dj Love, Dov, ill.Gates and more :} Check the vocal version here:

Here is a video of the Root Sellers’ version of the tune:

Tomorrow (Thursday Nov 17), Lumo and Freedom Danish will be having a FHF release jam in Toronto at Freedom’s monthly Archi-Textures party at the Augusta House in Kenzington Market. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

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